Wednesday, February 22


I woke up at 6:15 this morning to find our lovely little town completely covered in a thick fog. You can barely see more than 10 yards in front of you. I love it. I wish I had had my camera with me when I was leaving, because the creek next to our apartment looked exactly like a rain forest in the Northwest. The pine trees and the ferns were all grey because of the fog, and the water was actually flowing through a tiny waterfall (I lovingly call it the creek of death, mostly because of the flesh-eating monster that lives in it).

I have been thinking a lot about the Pacific Northwest recently. I've always loved being in the mountains. The more remote, the better. Ever since Alaska, I've had this uncontrollable addiction, this irrational need, to go back again. I want to go right now. Today. That's how I've felt for six months. If I didn't have to take classes I would apply for a summer job there without thinking too hard. I long to be there. I don't know much about camping, but I would go backpacking in the Cascades in a heartbeat. If it wasn't a three day drive I might be tempted to just... go (That's not hard to believe if you know me). Reading up on Ansel Adams and seeing the Olympics in the Italian Alps doesn't help me out any either.

I think there is something pure about remote mountain ranges, hundreds of thousands of miles of forests taller than any building in Nacogdoches, Texas. I like the feeling of insignificance. I bet it would drive some people crazy. You can not want to conquer the world and be happy in the shadow of a mountain, I think you have to want to feel small to appreciate it.

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Katie said... never comment...but thats ok...because I like to comment. Your post sounds very intellectual...and appealing. Also, my aunt lives in Washington state...I hear its gorgeous. I think we should all take a trip there. Or to somewhere with mountains. Basically...anywhere out of Texas. Have a great day!