Thursday, February 9

I wasn't prepared for this...

What caused me to miss racquetball this morning shall forever remain a mystery, because it's gross, but more importantly, today my dream of perfect attendance was shattered and crushed, at least for this semester. For some strange reason I keep holding on to this idea that everything is about to slow down and get better, when really, I'm just falling further and further behind. I don't even have time to get a work out in, which is shocking to me. I don't have to make up an excuse to get out of exercising. I had to buy a Dayplanner. I have never used a Dayplanner before in my life, things are definately changing. Some good news, I finally ordered my new laptop. It won't be here for another month, but just the fact that it really is coming makes me very, very happy. The MacBook Pro looks sweet, and I'm sure being familiar with both Mac and PC platforms will increase some sort of career related factor... hopefully... somehow.

As far as careers go, I've found myself leaning more and more towards the art department. Communications is definately not what I want to do, even though I am doing well in it. Seminary is never out of the question, but right now I don't see myself having a capacity for leadership on that level. I can't even keep up a daily devotional, who am I to try and tell others how to build a better relationship with Christ when I haven't figured it out yet? Crosspoint Leadership is definately stretching and growing me, but I have to make some big changes in my personal life before I can move on to bigger things. Art just comforts me. I have no idea if I can create it or not, but my understanding of it has changed, or come into existance to be truthful. Drawing seems possible, but it doesn't require any artistic ability really. Photography... is really amazing. Could I do it professionally? Who knows. I do know that I have to file a degree plan soon, and I'm not even sure what my declared major is. Maybe I'll go to grad school. I could make people call me Master.

Somebody comment with something, anything. I just want to know if it is working.

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Katie said...

So...I'm commenting...because you said to. And because this is a fabulous way to procrastinate spending the day in the cursed library. Anyways, I think this is a pretty cool site...its very a step up from xanga. I'm jealous. :) And about skipping raquetball....I really dont blame you..I'd skip a class created by the devil too. See ya!