Saturday, April 8

Pizza and The Milky Way

Sorry for going so long without an update, I know everyone is dying to know what is going on in my life. I have been busy almost constantly. I even had to finish a paper on my birthday, How wrong is that? Speaking of my spirit journey formation anniversary, it was a lot of fun. Sarah and Katie baked a cake and brought it to the Lost party, which I think was the most people that have ever been over here. And a bunch of people went out to chill's fine dining on Thursday. Oh, and my parents sent me balloons and a cookie cake, even though I hate cookie cake. And when I went to work I noticed everyone slowly making their way to the back... then Dr. Evans said she needed some help lifting some things... which were cake and a bunch of other goodies. It feels good to be a little bit older, officially.

The college men's retreat was this weekend. We spent the night at a really nice house just out of town. It was awesome just to hang out with a bunch of guys for a night and not have to deal with school. We played capture the flag Friday night. The flag was really a glow stick. And no one ever really captured it. We called it quits after a couple of hours. There was a storm off to the east of us, so a few people went outside to watch the lightning and talk for a while. Adam, Josh and I ended up sleeping outside because it was so nice. Adam has a CIA designed super sleeping bag with a little mattress so he slept on in the field, but I bought my sleeping bag at Wal*Mart, so me and Josh slept in the bed of his truck. I haven't been camping for 8 years or more, so it was just awesome to get to stare at the stars all night. The one thing that I want to do the most right now is go backpacking in the Pacific Northwest. I've said it before, but, I really, really want to go. Just a sleeping bag, a few essentials and the mountains for a few days. I'm going to find a way to make this happen. Oh yeah, and when I woke up, I saw that my sleeping bag was on top of a machete all night long, and I didn't even notice. It was actually kind of nice.

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Maggie said...

I have a couple of problems with this story. First, it saddens me that anyone can dislike cookie cake. Second, it has only been about 4 year since you went camping- remember the youth group went that one time with the racoons? And lastly, its mildly disturbing that there was a machete just lying around and that you slept on it. Its just plain confusing that you enjoyed it. But I am glad you had a good weekend and a fun suprise birthday party at work!