Wednesday, June 7

The Blueberries Approacheth

Halfway done with week two of Summer I, and I am about to die. Class is great, but work is killing me. I don't have much room to complain, seeing as how I mostly get paid to read and study and answer the occasional phone call, but this is killing me. You try getting up at 7 o'clock every day and then going into a quiet, the A/C gently humming, usually chilly office, sitting in a moderately comfy chair, having absolutely nothing to do, and NOT having to fight to stay awake. I'm losing the battle. A few minutes ago, I pulled a random file and then walked around the office for a few minutes looking busy, and then just put it back in the file cabinet. I learned that trick from Kyle. No amount of caffeine can help me now. I should mention this entire post is being written on the clock. I do very important work.

The summer just feels so different from the regular school year. Tons of people are gone to their respective hometowns or mission trips or fun family vacations (are they fun families? or fun vacations with the family?). Classes are easy and relatively stress-free. There are huge gaps of time between one event and the next. I don't think I trust the summer... it has a hidden agenda to bore me out of my mind. And it is doing a good job. I played a bass fishing game on xbox for three hours... Even more menacing is the way it gives you so much extra free time, yet causes you to accomplish even less of what you want to do, thereby making you feel lazy and useless. The summer is craftier than I originally thought. There is some light at the end of the tunnel, though. This weekend is the Texas Blueberry Festival, one of the coolest things Nac has to offer. But more importantly, nay, MOST importantly... Friday afternoon Costa Rica plays Germany in the World Cup opener!! ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC are carrying every game this year. With the capabilities of TiVo... the ramifications of this should be felt almost every night for a month. I don't even care if the U.S. doesn't make it out of our group (ok, I do care, I didn't mean that), I am still watching every game. This is the one time every 4 years where soccer is a big deal in the U.S., so I have to enjoy it while I can.

P.S. Michael and Carol recommended Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. Having read it, I think you should as well. It's not that long of a book, and it has a somewhat unique structure, but it was really good. Easy read with some really challenging concepts. Go forth a purchase or check out.

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