Wednesday, June 28

A Thickening Cloud, A Growing Light

Here is what frightens me the most, not that everything will fail, that everything dear to me will be destroyed, that what I know to be good will finally be overcome, but that all of these things will happen and I will be left alone with the knowledge that I did nothing to save that which is worth fighting for. If my house, which I helped to build, and where I find shelter, begins to fall I would much rather be crushed beneath its walls trying to save it than to stand by and do nothing.

What does it takes to save something you love? Pretty much any answer you can find will be a verb. Warm-up time is over, its time to step up to the plate.

What I'm trying to say is that disaster doesn't exist only in an instant. It sneaks up behind you and quietly picks you apart until you crumble on your own. It takes advantage of your weakness.

It's time for me to add something to the world. Something actually is at risk. Everything is at risk.

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Maggie said...

Some one asked me if I could chose a song that discribes my spiritual life to date what it would be. I said that song.