Tuesday, August 8

No, Really, I'm Not Dead, I Promise

Only three days of class left this summer. Fan. Tastic. I actually got my crap together at the last minute and will probably pull off all A's and B's. And by that I really mean one A and one B in Design and English respectively. FYI, Design is actually a really cool class... I didn't think I was going to be able to create stuff in that kind of setting, but the creative process is a lot more fun and interesting than I was expecting. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to finish most of the books I wanted to read over the summer because I have barely been keeping pace with everything else.

Some really, really good news: We found a house! At the last minute, no less. It's right next to campus, a three (used to be four) bedroom/two bath, with a garage, and a backyard. So nice. Financially this first month has been really hard, like I still don't know if things will work out, but if we can make it until September then we are totally set. I am really ready for the break coming up, I have had no free time whatsoever since Summer II began. But being moved in to the house is a huge help, I can actually sleep at night now 1) because there are no sucky neighbors 2) and I was really stressed about finding a place to live.

Lastly, the battery on my MacBook was screwed up, so I called them at like 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and they sent me a new one today, for free, and DHL came out and picked up the old one. Apple is freaking amazing. I am learning how to use Aperture and it should be illegal to do all the crap it can do. I repent of being a Mac hater and have fully jumped on the bandwagon. A very cool, stylish, freakin sweet bandwagon.

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