Tuesday, August 22

On Second Thought

For everyone who doesn't know about it yet, www.pandora.com radio is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Anyone who likes new music should go check it out right now... after you finish reading this of course. I am listening to "Red Guitar Radio" right now.

I have been surprisingly busy lately. I think it is funny that I used to go out of my way to take a vacation from doing nothing, and now I really want to take a vacation from all the stuff I'm doing but I can't. I'm working on a devotional for Mission SFA and getting ready for Community Group, and once that gets up and running I can start working on the Winter Mission Trip, which I am leading coincidentally. Actually, I'm going to stop thinking about what I need to do because I keep remembering more and more things that I haven't done, and I am about to go to sleep.

Actually I was going to write something about how I can't seem to change my habits, or how what the church really needs is free popsicles, or about the significance of art in everyday life, or about the turtles in Thailand that need our help, but instead, I think, I really am going to go to sleep... Goodnight.

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Maggie said...

Hi, My name is Maggie, you might remember me, we went to highschool together. We ate lunch at the same table for 2 of the 4 years. Not consecutively or anything, but still. No? Nothing? Ah well, such is life. People find Jesus and quit their jobs and get busy and all of a sudden its like oh no time for the people down on the ground. Or in the West.

Just kidding. Do you remember Christi who worked with Michael in Augusta? With the youth? She goes to Truett now and we reunited when she came to my life group. It was a weird moment when we realized how we knew each other. Anyway she said that eventually she wanted to go visit michael and carol in Tennessee and that we (as in you and I (because remember we were a married couple taking a tour of the childrens building?))would be more than welcome to come with her. That was a random bit of information, but I thought I would pass it along nevertheless. Should that be all one word? Never the less? Seems odd. I am definetly rambling now. I mean you know your message is too long when you have parenthesis inside of parenthasis. I dont think I spelled that right, but who cares.
Ok really now, I am leaving. Good bye.