Wednesday, September 13

Oh No, I'm Beginning To Sound Like an Artist.

I want to know, scientifically that is, what exactly is in the air in the fall that makes it so intoxicating? I mean, it's just air right? Why does it feel so much cooler than air conditioning, even though it is still warm? And why does it smell so sweet, even though it smells kind of bad if you think about it? Actually, I think I like that it can't be explained scientifically. (If you can explain it... you should keep those thoughts to yourself and go have a drink, seriously, lighten up...). My point being, this is my absolute favorite time of year and I can't wait for it to cool off a bit more. Every once in a while Texas can get it right, for a few days at least.

Today was the 12th class day of the fall semester. The day where I should have dropped my Art History class, because I have already used up OVER 50% of my absences (I knew I could do it if I tried), and I'm not really anticipating ever going again. But instead, well, I didn't. If anyone knows a way to make sure I go to class... be a pal and let me know. I think I am going to start setting the coffee maker to go off before I wake up, so hopefully that can do the trick. What's funny is that it is a 9 o'clock class, and I skip it all the time, but I have an 8 o'clock Digital Media class that I wouldn't miss for $100. It's all about the motivation. I'm not particularly interested in French cave paintings or rocks stacked on top of each other in England. Man, I'm not gonna do well in this class. Everything else is great, I pack a lunch and eat it in the arboretum between Drawing II and Photo I, and I ride my bike to class in the morning. (I've only eaten it once. No one laughed. At all. I almost cried) This college thing continues to be cool. Plus, I only have one class on Friday, a move I haven't pulled since my first semester, I forgot how ridiculously awesome it was.

For anybody reading this with a slight artistic bend... you should check out, if you haven't already. It's a flipping amazing project. It's about the making and distribution of a feature film... Four Eyed Monsters... but it is really about a lot more. It's about the way we communicate and connect with each other. It's about the process of creating something, the way we create something, and the way art is changing, because now anyone with a digital camera can be a photographer, anyone with a blog is a writer, and anyone with a camcorder is a film maker. On the site, there is a page where you can request a screening in your area, and Austin and Houston are gathering some requests. Watch the Video Podcasts, and if your tastebuds approve, you should definitely request the film. This project has grown into a community of support, which is really awesome, and really encouraging about the direction art is headed in the future. If you have the time, start with the first video podcast from a long time ago and work your way up to the last few weeks. I really want this project to succeed. I hope this type of thing is what we have to look forward to.

I'm headed home this weekend for the first time since... the middle of July, actually. Dang. But anyway I need sleep. Bad. Goodnight.

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