Tuesday, May 1

Blogger: Resurrection Version 1/3

It's back! And better than ever!!

Actually is pretty much the same. And by that I mean I haven't changed anything, but it did take me about 20 minutes to figure out the whole new blogger/gmail thing. I had to "claim my blog". What does that even mean??? Did my copyright lapse and fall into the public domain? Have my musings been ruthlessly appropriated by SoCal Suburbanite Emo kids!... white text on black T-shirts!!! I think I might have just realized my greatest fear.

Moving on, the black and white hurts my eyes in my old age, so I'll find a new template soon. In the mean time here are some images I have been working on this semester, and my artist statement. And these are copyrighted so don't even think about putting these in your Facebook album kiddos. Peace.

Somewhere off a secluded dirt road, in a overgrown wooded lot, there is a house that has been vacant for what looks like years. To photograph it, you would have to cross over fallen trees and pools of standing water because there is no longer any trace of a sidewalk or pathway that once led the way to the front step. It’s obvious from the wallpaper and welcome mat that someone used to live here, but now, everything that was not bolted down has been stolen, even the doors. After I have explored the building and the property and taken some photos, I leave, but the house remains. I am consistently drawn to places like this, abruptly abandoned and left to decay with time. But through isolation and neglect, these objects and locations gain something amidst all that they have lost, and that is what I am trying to capture in my work. They have not triumphed over man or nature, which is why I chose not to represent them in a celebratory manner, but because they are still here, still existing despite the fact that they are now considered useless, they are worthy of attention and respect. By working in black and white, I can better demonstrate an atmosphere of absence and loneliness. I always interfere with the subject as little as possible, hopefully leaving nothing behind other than footprints. My ultimate goal is to approach these abandoned and forgotten things which are just assumed to be unattractive trash, and hang on a wall a photograph of something beautiful, whether it be for its formal qualities, is photographic qualities, or its social significance. Either way, the viewer should walk away having made a connection with the subject in the photograph that will stick with them after they have left the gallery.

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