Tuesday, May 8

Death by Pancakes

Could there possibly be a better week to waste time and energy on a blog then during finals week? I honestly don't think there can. I should be writing a paper, but I am stuck, so I thought I might get my creative juices* flowing over here for a bit.

Tonight is Grace's Midnight Finals Breakfast, which isn't really breakfast and its not really at midnight. Quaint. I signed up to run pancakes to (and hopefully not from) the front of Steen library because we are having it on campus this year. I'm pretty sure I'll smell like batter by the end of the night, but if you don't mind then I don't mind, that's my philosophy. But I like the fact that we are on campus instead of cooped up in Henderson Hall. It really lets people who have never been exposed to pancakes before get a much better understanding of what pancakes are all about. Maybe they mosey on over to the table, grab one, maybe even two; with the proper instruction they can add some butter and an appropriate amount of syrup, and before you know it they are off on their own and by evening's end they have to be wheelbarrow-ed back to their dorm in a stack of other over-zealous freshmen who couldn't pace themselves properly. That's how I'm hoping tonight goes anyway.

Oh well, my critique tomorrow isn't until 1:00 so maybe I'll just wake up early and write my paper in the morning. I tend to work better under pressure anyway.

*What the heck are creative juices and where could they flow? I mean, this whole metaphor is just littered with impropriety. I think we need to switch to some more G-rated literary devices.

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