Wednesday, July 11

Adv. Photo

Here is most of what I turned in. There were a few others that fit for the class but I didn't take in the studio. (And I took them up to two years ago...)


the photoSmith said...

The one with Geoffrey is sweet. I really like the sitting down image. The shadow detail in his hands is nice! And when did he pierce his ear? I also like the ice blue image. Is that on glass or mirror. Well, they all really good, especially for your first time really dealing with studio lighting. So are you going to add photos to your blog?

aA said...

fine fotos! kyle (see comment above) showed me your site. studio lighting is really cool, pay attention, and try to get your hands on some equipment of your own, hopefully with a battery power pack that you can tote afield.

you have a good eye (not sure which one it is) and you have some great work. check out Wyatt McSpadden and Arthur Meyerson, professional photographers. such vision.

if you promise to put more fotos, i promise to visit your site more often. or you could ban me from it.