Wednesday, October 31

Am I taking crazy pills or did a Zombie Santa just walk by?

I'm sitting here in my least favorite place in the entirety of the world (Wednesday night lab hours (Which, coincidentally, stand in stark contrast to Tuesday night lab hours, when I usually go home with a headache and sore abs from laughing so much) which are from 6-10, and i end up working with the likes of Whisperstoherself McStrange girl and good ol' Mumbles Von Domyprojectforme Imanidiot), and I can't focus on anything because all I can think about is how much I don't want to be here. It's Halloween for crying out loud! So, because I am reading Microserfs, which mentions shiatsu massage repeatedly, I decided to do some research on it and find out what it is. I've been reading up on the art of shiatsu for the last half hour or so and all I have gleaned is that, if you poke and rub people in certain places it relieves pain and stress. Well... how friggin amazing. How are you supposed to feel stressed out when some dude is standing over you and keeps poking you on the side of your head and crushing your calves with his elbow. It seems like a no-brainer to me. Interestingly enough though, I did learn how to rub someone's hand muscles in such a way that will make them either completely and totally relaxed, or have an urgent and immediate need to make a bowel movement. I think I'll test it out in the next couple days... I'll let you know.

My interest was piqued because if there was a decent method of relieving stress (other than the standard and increasingly unattractive nicotine and alcohol) I think I am in need of it ASAP. I have, as the prophets once warned against, bitten off more than I can proverbially chew. I have two tests and a research paper to worry about in History of Baroque, I'm behind in Drawing, I have to figure out a way to present my gigantic prints for Digital Media, and I should be making a lot more headway in Photography. Other than that there is the Timothy Project, Community Group, the Winter Mission Trip, and the photography project* I took on with Josh. On top of all this, my body simply does not handle stress in a productive manner (I tend to sleep more... a lot more... like disgusting more), and psychologically my mind just pretends that everything is OK and says "Hey, self. There's no need to panic... let's just forget all about that bothersome little project, why don't we. Go have a taquito or something." And I do. Keeping up with friends falls further down the list every day. But I'm still smiling though, for the time being anyway. I'm not to good at expressing it in an eloquent way, but there's this understanding rooted somewhere deep within myself that has no trouble comprehending that God is working all things to His own end, and the longing for that newness is what really keeps me going though the worst of times. (The recent past being a prime example). I guess that's why I'm not afraid of failure, though, honestly, for my friends sake, I should be more aware of it. I never really lose track of that still-small voice, but it's times like these when I have recurring dreams of myself all alone in the middle of the desert juggling plates on those stick things that wobble around so much. You know, I also have this dream about Bigfoot living in the woods behind my house, and one where I rescue my fellow art students from a catastrophic bus crash on the way back from a museum (In that one I'm 6'3", ripped, and people have to hold onto me as I pull them from the fiery death trap, which ties back into shiatsu massage and my desire for friends and physical contact**).

So, after that little over-share (which is intended to be both funny and moving at the same time, did it work?) I still have over an hour left in my digital dominion, my temperature-controlled territory, where I rule with an iron fist and a scroll-ball mouse... As I was typing that, I got asked a question that I didn't know the answer to, so I came up with a long and overly complicated solution that probably made things worse than they already were. But that is besides the point. Most people come in here thinking the lab works like a TGIFridays, and if you order your potato skins and house salad before 10:00 then you are good to go until you finish eating or Jesus comes back, whichever comes first... This is not the case, folks. At 9:59 you better have finished whatever crappy final cut movie you've been slaving over and saved your files because I am 20 seconds away from pulling the plug and kicking your sorry butt out on the street! People just don't understand these things... I better get back to "work" anyway, I guess. Some girl is messing with the printer and I can tell this is not going to end well. Leave me warm fuzzy comments!!!!

*Josh and I went to Caddo Lake over the weekend... for a business trip. We got there in the afternoon, and after I drove the trailer off the boat ramp (my driving privileges have been revoked indefinitely) and Josh got wet and murdered me in his head, we went out and took pictures that we're putting into panormas, which we will later sell to the envious masses. We stayed at one of his friend's parent's guest cabin (they were great) and then left before sunrise the next day to take more pictures. I'd love to show them but they aren't quite ready and I can't have you people stealing our pictures and undercutting our prices! In the end it was a fun trip and it is definitely a a beautiful place, and if all goes to plan, we will bank! Oh shoot, today is pay day!! Sweet!!

** I recently realized that I am a touchie-feelie person, and I was ashamed. But I can't change who I am!! Maybe it has something to do with being an only child and a guy... I guess I never got enough contact growing up. I got punched once. After I punched a guy. He broke my paper mache cobra!! What else was I supposed to do?! But other than that, nada. Then off the deep end in Jr. High and early High School... bad times. Now I guess I've found a happy medium so dammit I need a friggin hug every once in a while!! I'd like to add that I'm not creepy and I'm not gay***.

***I feel like I need to add something else so "I'm not gay" isn't the last thing people read. So how about all the parenthetical asides in this blog, huh?! I mean, there are parenthesis in side of parenthesis. That is just excessive. There is no excuse. (Or is there?)


the photoSmith said...

brilliant. you need to post more often b/c your writing skills blow me away, seriously. and you should def. post some of the panoramic photos that you and josh did. figure out a way to keep them from getting downloaded first.

aA said...

OMG, this is funny. solid funny. narration in a hilarious movie (NOT a crappy final cut project)funny.

work with mr. photosmith, and i am not gay either. where did THAT come from? well, it's true and it's out there, so we'll get back to what a good writer you are.

you rock. write more, so you can rock more.

jenn said...

YAY for updating!!! Now I hope the incredibly long (and amazingly humorous) blog doesn't make you think you filled your quota for awhile...cause the funny updates posts keep coming! I had to stop and read the parts I was cracking up about to my roommate. I think instead of taking crazy pills, you took hysterically funny writing skill pills...unless you've suppressed this ability. Bottom line, I'm jealous of your writing and photography ability. I'm excited about picking out a frame for my awesome pic! :) Thanks again!