Saturday, October 13

Home and Back Again

I am just back from Waco... for the second time in two weeks. I am excited to be in Nac for a good while now. I get off work at 2 on Friday and go back to work at 1 on Sunday so any trip is pretty short. This has actually turned out to be an excuse in disguise. Also we are going to New Braunfels for the event formerly known as Encounter Weekend, Which is now called Crosspoint Road Trip. Because it stinking is. 4 hours driving Saturday then 4 back Sunday. Wait... I have work on Sunday... I can't go. Dang. (Yes, you just witnesses the process of me thinking out loud, realizing something and then coming to terms with it. Be amazed.

Thursday afternoon I went up to the Pineywoods Fair soley so Katie Kasselman could jab a hypodermic needle into my arm filled with a thousand tiny flu viruses that had been allegedly killed earlier. I didn't even feel it, it was impressive. On the way out I bought a bag of cinnamon roasted pecans from a crazy nut lady and became a registered Democrat. The fair here is pretty sad, there wasn't much to see or do, and the people there tended to glare at me like they knew I did something wrong. Charming. But the moral of the story is I got a shot and I am now completely impervious to illness and disease.

Here is my next masterpiece:

Careful... It's politically and environmentally charged. It is important to note that the yellow metallic doohickey-magigger in the foreground that connects the gas well to the lines is called, oh yeah, a "tree". According to the people in my classes I am turning into a little Talbot. Or Talbito if you will. Won't you.

Lastly, I just finished Dave Eggers' A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. It was definitely a good read, and here's a quote from the beginning that I thought was pretty thought-provoking and also is one of the main themes of his memoir:

"We all like full disclosure, particularly if it includes the admission of one's 1) mortality and 2) propensity to fail (Related, but not the same)."

Also, Kyle, you do not really suck. I said that out of jealousy and I am sorry. Please accept this frowny emoticon as restitution: :(


jenn said...

Thanks for the comment, I like your reasoning. And I like your pics.. A LOT. Is there any way I can get one? a fun sepia forest-y one would look perfect in my bathroom! And when is the crosspoint retreat thing? I'm coming in TX the last week in oct and want to come down...

the photoSmith said...

Crosspoint Road Trip, I see they're going all out for creativity. Nice hippie picture, maybe you can get some photos of you taking one of those trees out for a night on the town. Nice shot though, you use car lights to light it? I'm sure you're so disappointed that you cannot stay longer @ home(waco) due to work...oh yea, and you're lucky you included the face-thingy otherwise I just might not have forgiven you.

Elaine said...'re really a Democrat now?!? yay, maybe one day I'll stop reminding you of your 2004 vote :)

and congrats on getting to graduate in august!! I'm sad I'll be in Croatia and I won't get to be there!

jenn said...

hey mister. I would appreciate an update. thanks! thanks mucho!