Friday, October 5

One Semester Closer...

My apologies for the extended hiatus. I'm going to make a more concentrated effort to keep blogging but I have been much busier than I expected to be this semester. And when I'm not busy... I'm sleeping. But for this weekend, at least, all the tests are over and most of the projects that need constant attention can stand a break, so oodles of free time for me! Until Sunday, anyway.

The best news I've gotten in a long time... the SFA Art Dept. is offering and not the customary one but TWO photography classes this Spring, 417 and the all new 418! You might be wondering why this matters... so I'll tell you. Now. I can graduate a semester earlier that I had planned!! August of 2008! I would get to be in a smaller commencement AND it would be a lot easier for me to have my BFA show because there are a lot fewer people competing for space.

Speaking of Photography, here's a few things I've done this semester:

This puppy is 48" long. Next: This one is 32" but could be up to 66".
This one was taken on a 4x5 view camera. The type with the bellows and the cloth you have to put around your head to focus on the ground glass. Also, this picture is set up and those are props, this didn't really happen, so no dogging on Josh. One really cool thing though was that there is so much detail in the negative that you can read the text on the barrel of the shotgun, without a magnifying glass.
And this one looks a lot better printed.

Right now Tennessee is owning Georgia 21-0, so I feel that this game deserves my full attention. Until next time. And now Kyle can shut up.


jenn said...

yay for graduating a semester earlier than you thought! um, the pics are real good, I'm super impressed paul! as far as poop, the following I don't do" explosive, rancid, runny, oh and "big kid" poop where you have to change their diapers. So I guess that just leaves" baby, small, formed, odoriferous poop.

too much information? ha ha

the photoSmith said...

bout the photos! where were the water photos taken?