Friday, November 30

A Wish.

What a poor neglected blog! I enjoy writing, but it is often difficult to get motivated in the midst of life and classes. I'm sitting out on the porch in the near perfect weather. Unfortunately the mosquitos have also decided it is a nice day to get out and about. And it's only the hardcore little bloodsuckers that make it this late into winter. They can't deter me though. I've got a cup of hot tea and Patty Griffin playing on the laptop.

My good friends Kyle and Nicole Smith recently had a beautiful baby boy, Jackson, but he is still at Texas Children's, and Nicole is having a rough time recovering. It's all detailed on his blog, thephotosmith, which is linked over on the right there. Please, if you can, remember them in your prayers, they are much needed and appreciated.

The semester is almost done! Peace at last!!! The paper is done, and the portfolios are coming along swimmingly. Photography is already matted for the most part! That is unprecedented, folks. I still haven't come up with a good way of presenting my panoramas. Most of them are about 17x78 inches. Any physical presentation is going to be expensive and difficult to transport, to say the least. Any suggestions are welcome. I am going to figure out if a digital projection would be a possibility.

Last night I went with Josh to Flashback's to catch the Cowboy's game. The place was packed to the brim because just a handful of places have the NFL Network, the only station that broadcast the came. It was awesome. The owner ended up having to stand by the door to keep people out. Everyone was decked out in Cowboys gear and Romo-wear. Even though we got there late we ended up right in front of the biggest screens. The pizza was cheap and the beer was cold. The only way it could have been better is if there were more people I knew there to enjoy the game with. Who else is ready for a NFC Championship in Dallas this year??

The sun is setting now and the light is amazing. The way it wraps around the tops of the trees and the ivy that covers the trunks is awesome. It's warm but it's almost greenish, its like a painting really. I wish you could see it. I got nothing else to tell you. I got nothing else to say. All my troubles are gone away. It's great feeling. God's peace is my peace. His joy, mine. His love, my love. I couldn't ask for anything more. Not ever. I hope that you can experience the same thing.


jenn said...

Yay for a semester almost being over! And for pretty sounds like you should have taken a pic of your view, or maybe just relishing in the beauty was enough. I absolutely LOVE this time of year as well..seeing the trees change just motivates me to change and embrace God's beauty!

Good luck finishing the rest of the semester and way to be on top of things! :)

the photoSmith said...

so are we going to get to see a post of the new stamp?

jenn said...

I'm thinking it's time for another update. P.S. I figured out how to customize my blog! yay!