Friday, December 14


So it's official, I have permanently altered my body forever. I went with Rustin to a place called Bombshell's of Westheimer. My artist's name was Ronnie and it took him about an hour and a half. It turned out way better than I had hoped. Its a little fuzzy since it hasn't healed all the way but you can tell (I hope) how well it was done. Now my coolness is 100% official.


the photoSmith said...

what a balla...that's a high quality tat!

jenn said...

hour and half? wow, that's a long time to endure little tiny pokes!! Hope y'all have a great time on the mission trip!

Michael Dennis said...

so this is what happens when i leave start getting tats and listening to rustin. what's next? drugs and rock and roll!

also why did you get a tat with spanish words?