Wednesday, March 19

Hypochondria Attack

It seems lately that I can't rest enough to bet back into normal running mode. I am so exhausted and I'm not sure why. The hypochondriac in me wants to think I have contracted some exotic disease like malaria. Or one of the freeloaders who demanded to use my Chapstick gave some other freaky illness. By the way, if you didn't know this about me, sharing Chapstick is one of my greatest fears. I hate it. I hate it with every fiber of my being. With the fire of a thousand suns. People know this, yet people still ask. I have no issue eating or drinking after others, but I draw the line at Chapstick. Anyway, I am not motivated to so much as get up out of bed in the morning, much less go to class or work on projects. I might be dying.

One thing I am excited about is Paul and Justin's Great Western Road Trip Adventure, or the GWRTA, which I wrote about last time. We have added a few sites, and the more I plan the more I realize that we will either not see everything we want to, or we will have to just go, making as few arrangements as we can, not being bound to a schedule or destination. Just a car and a map. The crappy thing is that places like Arches and North Rim are already almost booked for camping. This will not do. We may have to break a couple laws here and there.
I'm ok with it.

I have been back in Nac for a solid three days now. I went with Crosspoint to Kids Across America camp in nowhere, Missouri, for three days of hard labor. I drove one of the 15 passenger vans, a good 20 hours round trip. But it was good. I am glad I got to spend the time with the people on the trip. And I developed some new marketable skills. Like being able to eat a piece of chocolate set on my forehead without using my hands. Scraping paint off pool equipment. And rolling rocks down hills into a lake. Then right after I sped incredibly to get to Chad and Sarah's wedding in College Station. It was outside, the weather was perfect (maybe a bit toasty in a tux), and they both looked great and got hitched. We made a short trip to North Gate after the ceremony which was a lot of fun as well. I had a green beer.

I am going to go to class today, even if I have to keep my head on the desk the entire time. And lastly, everyone who reads this needs to watch Into the Wild, based on the book. Or read the book. That's all I'm going to say.


Teysha Faith said...

alright. first things first: i used your chap-stick fair and square. you TOLD me that if i found it laying around i could try its mysterious spearmint flavor and so, i found it, and i used it. and you are not dying because of that.

secondly: i am still jealous of the GWRTA and yall better break some laws or it won't be worth it.

thirdly: i just watched into the wild tonight and absolutely ate it up. meaning: i loved every minute. unfortunately i watched it with my parents and they couldn't stand it. (?!)

jenn said...

I never knew about this massive fear you have about sharing chapstick. The one thing I loathe about the equalivent of yours is people touching me in the stomach or side..even for just a poke. I can't explain it..

Had fun last weekend...Hope you did too! Oh and thanks for taking care of me! haha

Elaine said...

you prolly got infected by those thorns, just like you said :(

I hope you start feeling better soon...I'd send you some secret remedies from the Asian market but I know how much you hate getting presents