Monday, April 28

One Day at a Time

Oh man. Two weeks. Less really. I need to get on the ball with final projects!! To be fair though, I say that every semester and every semester (so far), I have been able to pull it out and get the A. The thing is that I am completely spent as far as creativity. I am really excited about all the technical stuff I can accomplish, and how the work comes out, but I have absolutely no ideas for content.

I did a couple engagement sessions the past couple weeks. Being by myself, I let the pressure get to me and made some mistakes. Where was Kyle when I needed him?? Hopefully I will put some shots on here in a short while. Maybe I can use some of those for critique...

Also I am completely preoccupied by the trip. I am planning on launching a website soon, I just ordered Dreamweaver. I might try and set up a photoblog on one of those pages to keep everyone updated.

Is it bad that as I am writing this I am considering how I don't care if I get C's, I just want to be finished??

And my Lightroom has been broken for a long time now, and no one can help me fix it. I will call Apple again this afternoon.


Teysha Faith said...

paul. nice blog. i like your write. please check out my blog about pointless things. A hug.

the photoSmith said...

haha, i'm not sure if i'd actually be of any help, i've made plenty of mistakes except most of mine are at the actual wedding... can't wait to see some of the shots!

jenn said...

Hang in there, it's almost over!! Yay for engagement photos! And I echo Kyle, let's see some of the pics!