Wednesday, May 14

Hi. It's me. I'm in LA.

We made it to Los Angeles.

Not much time to write. Everything is go go go, then stop.... go, go, go, then stop. Unfortunately the stops usually occur in the desert where, surprisingly, there is no cell phone service or wireless internet. What gives?? I have stolen a few seconds away on this porch. The weather is amazing. I put my feet in the Pacific today. It was like when a blacksmith is beating on some red hot piece of iron and then puts it in the bucket and all the steam comes up. That is what I felt. And, it was really cold.

The desert made its impression on me. Not at all what I was expecting. Desert towns are, amazing. I love it. And the deep blue Pacific.

Funny story... It is quieter here in LA than it was in the desert. There was this constant loud wind that made your ears ring. The city has a gentle hum combined with the low bravado of the jets taking off from LAX.



the photoSmith said...

Wow, I honestly dont think i've been this jealous b4. Enjoy every minute!

Teysha Faith said...

every time i touch the pacific im shocked at how cold it is. ever time. i never learn... but who would want to? it's the best shock in life.

i hope you're taking lots of pictures, sir. and i like the title of this blog, i laughed pretty hard. can't wait to read more about this trip! happy driving!

madonna. said...

you stole my line. line-stealer man.

madonna again. said...

the only song i wanted to hear on was not there. so i officially hate it. still.

the photoSmith said...

so i think it might be time for a new post, we're all dying for some photos!!!

Birdwells said...

la huh, nice!