Saturday, October 25

Top of the Update

Normally on Saturday mornings I like to sleep in. It's a luxury I really look forward to during the week. I can remember back to a couple years ago when I could sleep til noon or later with no problem whatsoever. But now that I'm approaching 23 years old, I'm lucky if I can make it til 10AM, so those extra two hours are even more precious. I knew today was going to be a bad day when my wonderful neighbors fired up their chainsaws a 8'o clock sharp and proceeded to mutilated the oldest, prettiest oak that I can see from the window above my desk. I think of it as a metaphor for my last weeks in Nacogdoches.

In a couple months I will be packing my things, loading them up and heading to the great, overcrowded, over-humid city of Houston, Texas. The job search is now in full swing, and my standards for jobs and living conditions are following the same patterns as our ever craptastic economy. Maybe the economy is trying to move to a new city?

My last semester at SFA has been a whirlwind of work, illness, negotiable responsibilities, new friendships, road trips, and poor decision making. There was the best backpacking trip I've ever had in the Ozark National Forest, a few concerts, good conversations, and now, coming to terms with the fact that I have a BFA show to put together and a job to find, lest I end up back in Waco.

Here is a list of my greatest fears at the moment:
1)Having to move back to Waco
2)Failing a class before graduation
3)Failing to support myself n Houston and having to move back to Waco
4)Werewolf ghosts
5)Failing a class, moving back to Waco, and being haunted by werewolf ghosts

Life is coming at me whether I like it or not. I keep asking God to provide me a job that makes at least 50,000 a year but I don't think He appreciates my humor.

Some good things to report, in less than two weeks Barack Obama will be the next president, according to everything I see everywhere, and even if the country continues to spiral into oblivion I will at least feel better about life in general. Today is scary movie saturday, which involves renting not so good horror movies and watching them for at least 8 straight hours. To counteract my current stress load I have been consuming massive amounts of music, which makes my heart happy and takes me to a place other than Nacogdoches.

In a little while, I'll have an apartment all to myself. Where I control all aspects of my environment. If you know me... you know that nothing could make me happier. I can live somewhere clean!!

6) Moving to Houston and somehow being stuck with more roomates who don't clean a damned thing and are also werewolf ghosts.

Now, I'm off to kill the rest of the half pot of coffee I made to keep me from killing someone and ponder the movie selection for the day and if there is an appropriate progression from one film to the next or if you just throw them all in together.

Houstonians, you are charged with recommending good places to live. I found a moderately priced place called The Fountains at Almeda. But something cheaper would be, well, a good idea.
Also if you would like to make a commitment today to house me whenever I go broke I will promise to cook all your meals and spend the rest of my free time retrofitting your place with the most up to date werewolf ghost security...


Rebecca Rabb said...

ohhh paul, this made me laugh! (did your #6 get missplaced? it appeared randomly later on in the blog. unless i missed something and it was supposed to be there)

I am sure you will make it wherever you go! I have faith in ya! yay! are you doing your own BFA show??

jenn said...

I miss you too Paul! I think you should move to God's promised land, the true south! (Or at least drive through for a visit?)

Elaine said...


i hope you find a job soon. Of course, if you promise to cook and clean, you can move into my new place for free!! Doesn't croatia sound a lot better than Houston?

jenn said...

Dear Paul,

Please update your blog. I have worked all week and I make it a habit of checking blogs every day...There's nothing new!! Thanks so much!