Monday, November 17

Donde esta la Homeless Shelter?

So, something rather interesting had just been brought to my attention. Apparently, a combination of stress, caffeine, nicotine, roommates who play Guitar Hero until the wee hours of the morning, more stress, a constant state of nausea (and therefore a lack of nutrition), and overwhelming anxiety may result in the most vivid and disturbing dreams you have experienced in your entire life, ever, ever.

Over the past few weeks my dreams have been more real and memorable than since I can remember. Some have clear metaphors that I can actually pick up on the next day. Some are completely apenuts and if there are metaphors hidden there... I'm just not capable of grasping them. Most, though, are incredibly weird. My favorite thus far was about a week ago.

Fun dream fact #1: My dream was in Spanish.
Important supporting fact for fun dream fact #1: I don't really know Spanish.

In this dream I am suffering from an insatiable case of wanderlust (as usual) so I take off to Mexico to visit a friend.

Fun dream fact #2: I don't know anyone in Mexico.
Yet, in stress-induced dream world, my non-existent compadre owns an expansive villa overlooking the ocean.

Fun dream fact #3: Regardless of mi amigos perceived wealth... they felt it was necessary to take every possession I own, including the clothes off of my back, and I then end up homeless, devoid of any dignity, surviving by eating raw abalone and living in a cave beneath a bar in Acapulco...

That is good TV. So I'm not really complaining. Cracked out dreams are better than, well, crack.


the photoSmith said...

Start writing, i expect a script by the end of the year. We'll start shooting in January. We'll have a business meeting the first weekend of December to discuss all the details...

jenn said...

I throughly enjoyed your dream story! Hey aren't you graduating in a few short weeks? What are your plans? If they include being in the DFW area the week after Christmas, I'll be there too! Maybe we can get together? Oh and I'm bringing my Clayton to visit, so you'll get to meet him!