Wednesday, January 14

Tuesday Night Show

Yesterday I woke up with a plan. Continue writing thank you notes, make a grocery list, get a gigantic and satisfying burrito from Chipotle to fight off the cereal and ramen blues, get groceries, ride bike, sit around for the rest of the day.

I made it to the burrito, but I got a call from a friend with some very bad news. The had been a Maccident. There was a SWOD and the death pangs of a hard drive. We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to rescue files and trying to figure out how to use a portable hard drive while switching between Mac and WinXP platforms. Not fun. Eventually we worked something out which involved migrating his account to my Mac. It's like a homeless shelter for a while.

They invited me to a show at notsuoH downtown. Their friends Marty and Christine (who's house their community group meets at, and where I hope to go tonight) were playing along with 5 other bands. MC/VL, Unicorn Basement, Wabash, and Y Lime?. It was very Indie. I like that. At a few points it was a little too indie, but I can overlook that. The Dee Use were very cool. I guess you would call them a post-rock noise band? Very ambient atmospheric stuff. MC/VL are two white rappers from Minneapolis! They put on a fun show, had some clever lyrics, and some sweet samples. Wabash is a guy on a keyboard and was definately the most indie thing there. I think he has some real skill at songwriting if he would embrace it a bit more. There was another band going on later but we left because it was getting very late... and it was Tuesday.

DeVotchKa is the next show on the list. They are coming to Warehouse Live February 9. I'm going to the show with some good friends. Get in on this if you want, should be a great live show.


the photoSmith said...

great! I'm glad you've found an interesting place to eat on Friday...oh wait that must have been on the list after the burrito...glad you were able to enjoy some music and get out of the apt...

A said...

that's me! i'm a good friend!