Sunday, January 18

When It's Good, It Doesn't Seem So Bad

What a difference a week makes. Last Sunday at this time I was unemployed, I didn't have a degree and I was wondering what life was going to be like back in Waco or Nac or Korea. But on Monday, I called the registrar at SFA and found out they were posting my degree as I was on the phone. So, great, Step 1: Graduate from college. Check. On Wednesday I was encouraged to call Starbucks back and plead for a job again. And wouldn't you know that it worked! I went in for training the next day and on Friday.

Also, I was reinstated on cat duty and was able to have some really good conversations with my neighbor. On Wednesday I went to a Kaleo Community Group with Rustin and Amanda, which was really good. Anytime I meet new people I am incredibly intimidated but they went out of their way to make me feel welcome, and I hope to continue going. I went to Kaleo this morning, which is the first time I have been to a Sunday morning service in what seems like a very long time. The worship was the best part for me. Sorry Grace and Crosspoint, but your worship is... not good. It was so refreashing to focus on the words, and have them all make sense and really feel like worship. The last year or two at CP I feel like all we did was sing about fire and mountains. It was more of a show than worship.

And today... today... I took a nap. It really is amazing how much hard work not working is. Every day I find more places and things near my house and around town. I keep getting to meet new people, and I can focus on making the most of my everyday life when I'm not swamped with deadlines, projects, and responsibilities. Life is good. Tomorrow we remember Dr. King, then inaugurate Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. I hope its safe to say that life goes on as usual but there are a lot of things to celebrate. I miss my friends heading back to Nac and I wish them the best of luck. Here's to getting ready for forever...

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Rebecca Rabb said...

hey, good post, good post! congrats on the job and degree, lol. where are you living now?