Saturday, April 11

Coming to Terms

A week ago I had what was probably one of the worst weeks ever. Here's a brief run-down:

Monday: An unsatisfied customer threw a turkey sandwich at me and told me I ruined her day.
Tuesday: I got a summons to appear for jury duty in Nacogdoches, which at least I now know I can get out of.
Wednesday: I stupidly stabbed myself in my left hand while making guacamole.
Thursday: Worked all day with while my hand throbbed and I wondered if I would need to visit a hospital.
Friday: I hit a pedestrian walking along Kirby because I was stressed and careless and was late to my birthday dinner in Waco because of Houston traffic.
Saturday: In Waco...
Sunday: I left Waco early to meet a realtor at a property and she didn't even show up.
Monday: My birthday and also my worst day ever at work, and everyone could tell, and stood up by homeowner who was arrested for parking tickets.

Needless to say I haven't had the best attitude recently. That list is partly hilarious but mostly sad. To add to that, a job I was sure I would get never got back to me or accepted my calls, and I still need to find a living situation with drastically reduced rent to be able to actually save some money.

So life goes on... I spend a lot of time daydreaming about being on the road headed west, jobs I don't have, and friends far away. The optimist would see a world full of oportunities, so that's how I'm chosing to look at it. Focusing on the little victories everyday instead of the worst of things. It's hard when everything seems to be going wrong all at once, but it's not really all that bad.


the photoSmith said...

heavy stuff. it'll get better, patience will pay off. and just think, it's almost may, which means it's almost summer. which means houston heat...wait that's not really a good thing.

Teysha Faith said...

peepaul. hey, when you're a grandfather, ppl, probobaly your grandchildren.. can call you "p-paw" and it will be like your name. kinda... just, it's missing that whole "l" sound. huh. where was i going with this? no clue.

kaleo sounds like a good thing. i'm glad you have it and those people surrounding you. what a wholesome place for a tired and frustrated soul.
keep on the sunny side.

i read your blog, but i've not written in mine for forever. how unfair. but most things are.