Thursday, July 16


SO, some guys at Community Group brought this to my attention:

Upcoming Military Robot
(I know its a FoxNews link which it typically forbidden but its sensationalism is on par with my apprehension in this one instance, so, I'll allow it.)

SO, we've arrived. The beginning of the end. The internet is filled with freaky robot videos, like this one, BIGDOG:

The two things that frighten me most in the world are:
1) Taking my shirt off in public.
2) Robots

They are evil. Now we are giving them the tools they need to turn us into food? Did anybody even see The Matrix? Maximum Overdrive? All it takes is one comet flying close to Earth and its lights out for everybody. Literally. Because the robots would turn off the lights.

The reason I bring any of this to your attention is not to try and change things, I'm sure it's too late for that. But when the apocalypse comes, and robots turn us into slaves, I want you to think back and say "Man, we really should have listened to Paul on this one. He was right. I hope the robots don't find him."

You'll be saying that last part because I will have long since high-tailed it to a remote "robot-free zone" somewhere yet TBD. Although I couldn't say anyway, as robots are probably reading this already.

SO, please, Robot Lovers, please don't flaunt your techno-romances so proudly, or one day you might find yourself being chased down by BIGDOG for fuel for EATR so it can make it to the big robot music awards event that night at the spot where the national mall USED to be.



Rustin said...

Kind of creepily sad when the robot slips on the ice. And kind of hilarious when it bounces around at the end.

While this wacky robot is impressive, if it helps you sleep better at night, the fundamental problem with this robot is that it needs all four of its legs to function. Blow one off, and its disabled.

the photoSmith said...

Fox news huh? Finally turning to a completely unbiased news source...

Well at least we know it won't be a stealth robot, so you'll have plenty of warning to flee the area when it comes around. Still pretty creepy though...