Sunday, July 12

Long Time No Blog

For some reason this weekend I have actually had the energy and the will to get things done. Well, some things, in the interests of full disclosure, laundry desperately needs laundering and I really don't want to do it. I'm very close to declaring a state of emergency.

I hung all the things that needed hanging in my bedroom, cleaned and organized the rest of the house, and finally finished setting up the sound in the living room. I love my system. Not the system itself, which was the cheapest Pioneer I could buy at Wal*Mart in 2005, but more so my set-up. I have audio inputs for my Mac, iPod, and Xbox, and everything else runs through pretty much everything else. It's really quite an impressive fire hazard. I'm not really even sure what I did, but it works for the most part, so I am happy. The place looks nice, smells a little funky but if you brew enough coffee it doesn't really matter. I am really satisfyed when things work the way I want them to.

Work is going really really well. I had to go through a slight/not-so-slight attitude adjustment about a week ago, but I am much more positive now. I came off of a 10-day Starbucks marathon on Friday, which was incredibly exhausting, but I got a second wind around Day 6 that got me through it.

I'm spending more time with Kaleo peeps, which is awesome, although I still have trouble making it to Sunday morning service. I get to hang out with work friends as well, last night we went to a show @Warehouse Live where our old ASM Kevin's band thelastplaceyoulook was playing. I love live music, I like the band, it's awesome seeing a friend play a live show, and by the end of the night my ears hurt worse than I can remember. Totally worth it.

Lastly, I'm getting in touch with some grad schools and intership opportunities. Here's my thoughts, I can go to any grad school on a list of about 500 for free, why not go to one that is somewhere awesome like the West Coast?? I'm even toying with the thought of Alaska Pacific in Anchorage. I ended up with a decent GPA, maybe not good enough to get into Pepperdine or USC, but good enough to make them think about it for a while. So, in 2010 there's a more and more likely chance I might bail on the great state of Texas, if only for a couple of years. I love my job, but I don't feel like it is what I want to be doing forever, even though I am there now for a reason. I'm not in a rush though, and that is a nice feeling.


the photoSmith said... about we refrain from any mention of exodus from Texas in any more blog posts...k thanks

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you updated this. I'm glad to hear of prospect to move to the west coast. That's awesome. I'm considering to do the same at some point in my life.

Take care dude.