Thursday, October 1


Best Customer Interaction thus far:

Me: "Pretty ominous skies out there, huh?"
Her: *looks down road* Oh my God that's so racist!"
Me: "Uh, I'm sorry, what?"
Her: "You just said those guys looked ominous."
Me: "No, I said the skies looked ominous."
Her: "Oh yeah, it's gonna rain."
Me: "Yeah."

"Plus those guys are white."
Her: "Ok, now that was racist."
Me: "..."
Her: "..."
Me: "Hey, you wanna buy some VIA?"

Runner up:
Me: "Hey how's it going?!"
Dudebro: "You got any beer?"
Me: "No, do you?"
Dudebro: "No, I'm a recovering alcoholic."
Me: "Really?"
Dudebro: "Hah! No!"
Me: "That was harsh."
Dudebro: "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome."


lach said...


the photoSmith said...

white dudes hanging out in the streets of Rice Village are ominous, they should be in a range rover or something....i think this could become a best seller kinda like the taxi cab confession thingy...

Teysha Faith said...

i appreciate this so much. so funny.