Sunday, October 4


Today, I got it. At about 10:30am, somewhere north of Bryan on Highway 6. The skies were overcast, my windows were down, and I was jammin' on some Menomena when it happened. Some people tend to think it is a convoluted and mysterious process but I believe it is instantaneous. It is possible that some people might mistake it for gas, but I am not some people. Nay, I am but myself, and I always know the exact second it hits. It starts in and around the mouth area, where once there was an expression of boredom (maybe due to hours of dutiful watch on the road ahead, or maybe due to one's awareness of the misconception of rugged individualism (in our time, on the open road)) there emerges a tell-tale curvature of the lips, in my case mostly on the left side, indicating an immodest change in the course of one's mental wanderings. From there, it roughly translates to an anxious nausea, a not too unpleasant, somewhat mischievous tingling somewhere in one's insides. Other symptoms include: 1) A tightening of one's grip upon the steering wheel 2) A sudden and robust gain in stereo volume 3) A healthy disdain for the posted speed limit and the safety and comfort of nearby drivers 4) Laughter, happiness, joy, sometimes dizziness, and occasionally blindness.

When it happens it's not so much a deadline that has to be met, or a scheme perfectly conceived, or even a condition to be met. It is more of an inevitability. Meaning that, in some form or fashion, someday soon, whenever soon may be, I am going to escape. To somewhere. Soon. Whenever soon may be. Not permanently, but for long enough. It's inevitable.

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