Monday, March 15

I Need A Vacation.


Though I love Starbucks, my store, and my partners, (really) I am almost completely burned out. I usually log just under 40 hours a week, which may not seem like much to all you 9-5ers out there, but trust me, in this environment, it is quite a lot. My "set" schedule has once again shifted, at just about the time I adjusted to the old one. On Saturday (after a full work week) I opened the store, and then went back in later that night to help my friends close; so my day started at 3:15am and I finally went to bed at 2am Sunday... which was actually 3am thanks to DST (stupid, stupid DST). And, AND, I lost my two consecutive days off, the only thing I really push for, so I'm going in to close tonight. Waa waa waa.

I know that when my initial reaction when thinking or talking about work is to complain, then my attitude is not where it should be. Plus no one likes to hear about it. (Or read about it) Normally I can just (figuratively) kick myself in the butt and get into gear, but I've been doing that for about 11 months without a break. I worked through Christmas. And Thanksgiving. I attempted to take a week off in January, but could not get all of my shifts covered, so I couldn't leave town. I've been in Houston for almost a solid year, and stir crazy does not begin to accurately describe what I'm feeling. I think my problem is that I feel like I deserve a break.

I want a cabin in the mountains, a fishing pole, a bike, plenty of coffee and some good books, some good company, a porch, a fire, a bottle of bourbon, and at least 8 days of freedom. I only have a few hundred bucks, and all of my friends have jobs. It is so very frustrating not being able to get what you want.

I don't know about the whole "Seattle" thing anymore. I think maybe I might just have all the same problems I have here, except with no friends and everything costs more.

But Houston...
The city I hate. And love.


lach said...

In Seattle it wouldn't cost money to go to a serene place and kayak around some small islands, you're already there. The no friends thing sucks, but there are nice people there (not the least of which being and my little bro).

Problem solving? No. Better? Yes. Plus I want to be friends with you in Seattle too, and it's easier to push than to pull... :)

teysha leysha feysha keysha geisha said...

please don't hate me for A) moving blog locations. I was going to send you a change of address note, but I got busy. and 2) for taking the vacation you certainly do need. if it's any conciliation i'm not fishing or drinking bourbon (just being offered lots of fancy beers). so really, i'm not on your dream vacay, just one extremely close to it. and now i'm having dejavu! and i cant even spell it. and also, there's a cat on my lap. you'd HATE that.

i'm praying for your soul, that you'll find rest in the form of some kind of get-away. i can't imagine being stuck in one place, especially houston, for a year. i go nuts after 3 weeks in nac.

and I guess you need to make me one of your award winning, groan-deserving espresso dranks. we definitely have slackeristas in nac.

well, hope you enjoyed my letter here. oh! text me your address sometime in the next few days, will you?

Elaine said...

I think you should leave Texas, or, better yet, the whole country. Living in the same place is myopia-inducing.

the wayman said...

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Adam said...

I can offer you the coffee, books, company, porch, fire, and possibly alcohol parts of your request if you come visit me in Austin some weekend. For the rest, a trip to REI will have to suffice. Call me upppp so we can talk about Seattle

Anonymous said...

I can't offer any advice. I chased a rainbow for forty years, never finding contentment, until I retired. If I made a suggestion it would be this: Fix yourself a cold drink(your choice), turn on some good music, keep it low, what ever you write with, get it out. Put your frustrations, your desires, all the possibilities, all the trips you've wanted to take, been invited to take, people it with imaginative characters, and see how they react. I have often found we don't know how we feel about something until we write about it. Start small, copy somebody if you want, somebody you admire, tell yourself how you feel, tell us how you feel. Write it all up, one story at a time. It's okay to cut off the music and refill your drink. But what do I know? Cheers.

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