Thursday, March 4

Scribbling and Such

Remember back in November when I was obnoxiously vocal about NaNoWriMo? Well, as it turns out... I suck at novel writing. I started over a total of about 10 times, and I ended up with about 4,000 words of self-indulgent, semi-racist, mostly melodramatic prose that I have recently decided to unearth. I seem to have wandered off into the existential forest again, and doing tactile things tends to help me regain my grasp on reality. I am fairly emotional and needy in this state, so I tend to avoid people as doing so also avoids some embarrassment. I have this fancy little app that I snagged from the last MacHeist called WriteRoom, and even if I am in the mood to construct some absurd, nonsensical poetry, at least I can do it in a pretty application.

Also drinking herbal tea at night instead of coffee helps me get to bed at a reasonable hour, and makes me feel more intellectual. But not as much as drinking bourbon does, but I have budget restrictions.

And speaking of budget restrictions, I loitered around Half Priced Books in the Village for a couple hours tonight (after stopping by the store for coffee (my 3grandevsl)) and purchased a rather eclectic assortment of junk I might or might not read, including The Brothers Karamazov, Leaves of Grass, some back editions of McSweeney's, and a couple Douglas Coupland books. Cheers for ambition!

I've been sketching a bit as well. Looking back, I really wish that I hadn't tossed all of my drawing supplies after I finished my classes, but honestly, I can still remember the dread of knowing I was about to be forced to draw a naked dude for 3 hours twice a week whilst sitting on a uncomfortable, wobbly wooden bench and being judged by all of the real artists in the class, constantly scanning the room to see whose board was worse of than mine, and having small anxiety attacks when that person skipped class. I have regressed substantially since Drawing, and I'm trying to remember all that gibberish that they were talking about while I was focusing on not focusing on breasts or genitals. Also I think I lost my sketchbooks. Or more likely I threw them away as well. I was very anguished at the time.

On a separate note, I cut my hair and trimmed my beard this week, and I have noticed an IMMEDIATE and SIGNIFICANT increase in stranger's duration of eye contact and frequency of returned smiles. Friendly banter and flirting also went up. So friends, what I'm saying is, if I have a terrifying hairstyle and freakish beard, I would very much prefer it if you would quietly take me aside and say "Hey. Paul. Buddy. Cut your hair. You're freakin' people out a bit. It's for your own good," instead of letting me go around scaring small children and the elderly. Really. I won't be offended. Well, I might be for a minute, but I recover quickly, especially when humor is involved.



Teysha Faith said...

naked nude.

Elaine said...

i LOVE that Half-Price in the village!!

unashamed__love said...

just discovered your blog, it's pure genius! your writing style/personality reminds me of donald miller - and based off your blog, i'd totally buy your book.
p.s. i'm so going through half-price books withdrawals..

Hamid Mehmood said...

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