Wednesday, July 28

Calendar Months

August. The downward slope of summer. Last night it became clear that the industrial A/C unit here is... unreliable, but still very survivable. The first thing I do on my days off is open all the blinds in my room, head downstairs, open more blinds and throw back the giant sheeny red monstrosity called a curtain in the living room. Next stop is the coffee machine, just recently up and running after the transition and the moving and all. Then I'll throw some yogurt, fresh fruit, and a little granola with a touch of honey into a cup and relocate to the couch to listen to some quiet music.

I scan the music blogs and the church blogs and my friends blogs, check for hurricanes, then tech blogs and art blogs and blog blogs, and drink coffee. I'll take the coffee outside and sit on the porch for a while. Then I'll come back inside and grab the laptop because its just better outside than in. Then, maybe, I'll update my own blog, because I feel like a slacker.

Outside, there is a lone mosquito tormenting me, but she is elusive. Have you ever noticed that they, the really bad ones at least, always know how to land somewhere where you can't see them until it's too late? She's a crafty one. (P.S. Did you know only the females suck blood? And only the males make noise when they fly. Huh!)

I have a patch of clear sky on this patio, which is abnormal for this part of town.

The space is shared by dozens of little brown and green lizards that tend to stare rudely at me, a few mockingbirds, one obese squirrel with balance issues, and our neighbor Colin, who is a bit confrontational... and English.

For being about 80 feet off of Westheimer, it is extremely quiet. Quieter than anywhere I have lived in the city so far. Which is sad, because speaking relatively to the porch in Nac, the noise is deafening.

I want a tomato plant.

But back to August. I am anxiously awaiting that first slight chill in the air a few months from now, when the sky turns grey and the air is filled with the smell of smoke from the Texans that feel a fire is necessary when the temperature drops below 70. There is college football on Saturdays, and I can hang around the house in my Tennessee sweater and read and write and drink more coffee than usual.

Right now there is a storm brewing outside. The breeze is cool and the sky is ominous. It smells like rain, musty and thick.

It is strange that, in all my ambitions, (or lack thereof) and all of my plans, I never feel quite as content and successful as I do sitting on a porch in a thunderstorm, just sitting, alone or in good company.

I guess that it is because in those times I forget about my budget and my social status, and the worries of work, the stress of having no direction, and I can just be for a while. Which I think is the important part. I think.


Elaine said...

I check blogs obsessively, too. You should update yours more!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

T said...

your life sounds oddly exciting to me. peace is exciting? maybe that's it.

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