Wednesday, August 18

Coffee Pot Time Machine

I am putting off errands that desperately need to be erranded, as usual. I never seem to have non-pressing issues. Maybe it is because I don't really take anything seriously until it is almost too late... or just too late. I would say it's my tragic flaw: general apathy. That and my fear/love of technology that leaves me in a constant state of anxiety. I love my iPhone but I know that one day it will try to kill me. That's life I guess.

But there is still some coffee in the pot, so that is my excuse for now. Community group is meeting here tonight, and I really do need to clean... and to go get the food for CG, but again, Coffee. In. The pot.

There have been a lot of almost storms here as of late. They blow in with lots of wind and thunder but no rain. All bark and no bite. And how hard is it to get a hurricane on the Gulf Coast?? I mean I've been here since 2008 and I can't even get a measly tropical depression? I'm not sure if I'd be happier somewhere with majestic mountains or frequent thunderstorms. Like the Kentucky mountains kind of storm. That sounds really nice right now.

I feel like I may have wasted my vacation. The break from work did it's job, and I am having a great time... but I failed to leave Southeast Texas. My new goal is to get a promotion and save enough money to spend an entire week somewhere. I'm thinking... Oregon? Montana? Yes?

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